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Material:Polyester fibre
Computer Size:15.6″
Product Size:42.5x12x31cm


1.Fits up to 15.6 inch laptop.
2.Using water-resistant and abrasion resistant polyester. The design is simple and sleek, the appearance is strong and cool.
3.The back side has a plug rod design for, easy carry duringr traveling.
4.USB charging socket design is built in the bag for you to charge all electronic gadgets while traveling.

2 reviews for ANTI-THEFT STYLE

  1. Adi

    This bag may require you to change some of your habits if you’re upgrading from other bags. I am still giving this bag a 5 star rating because with the small habit adjustments, you can achieve a “near perfect” experience:

    1. I own a 15″ laptop and I initially thought this bag was not a good fit for that size because you can’t just zip the bag shut without hitting the corners of the laptop, but I’ve since realized that whenever you are closing this bag, you have to first push and tuck the back into the bag. This also makes zipping the bag shut smoother and quicker.

    2. This bag doesn’t have as many pockets as some of the other bags I’ve owned, and whatever pockets it does have are pretty small and limited. This forced me to get an additional storage bag for cable management, and a small plastic box for my tools and flashlights. On the other hand once you do get separate storage compartments for your paraphernalia, the overall experience improves significantly because you can just pull the compartment you need out of the main bag and rest it on a table, instead of having to dig for cables or tools in the depth of your bag…

    3. I suspect the strap buckles are designed for thicker straps because of how easily the straps slide out in certain conditions. This isn’t too big of a deal since it’s pretty easy to re-adjust the straps while wearing the bag, At which point the straps are held tightly enough and won’t accidentally release.

    Otherwise, this bag looks good, is roomy enough, and comes with some nice touches that leave the buyer feeling satisfied overall. For example it comes with a strong extra fabric bag which folds and tucks neatly into an internal top pocket. Very useful when you go shopping for groceries. Another nice touch is the elastic bands that allow you to roll up the excess length of straps, making for a neater experience. The laptop is well protected and cushioned and held in place by an elastic band, which secures itself using velcro.

  2. Hiro pro

    This is a high quality backpack. My last backpack was a Northface Yavapai which I had for several years. I love Northface backpacks but it was starting to show its age so I needed to get a new one. This backpack is a big step up in quality and features compared to the Northface backpacks and that is reflected in it higher price.

    This backpack has a TSA approved lock where you just snap the zipper handles in place. You can easily set your own passcode. It also has a retractable metal wire that you can also snap into the lock if you want to tether it to something. It is slash resistant although I did not test it out. The material feels very thick, and it feels puncture proof. It is water resistant. I tested it out today while it was raining. It also comes with a rain pouch.

    There are so many hidden pockets that are useful. That is what I love about this backpack. Every little feature has been carefully thought out. There is a hidden pocket to attach your key chain. There is one to hold an umbrella or water bottle. There is one for your passport and tickets. There is a compartment for a battery pack inside the bag where you can connect a USB cable on the outside. This feature is ingenious. You can charge your phone while holding it or putting it in your pocket. I tested it out and it worked fine since another reviewer said one of the prongs got bent.

    Everything about this bag is high quality. There were no loose seams or dangling strings that I see on my other packs. The shoulder straps and back padding is thick, soft and comfortable. Carrying it on one shoulder felt natural without any increase strain on my back. There are a couple individual pouches that you can use to store toiletries. There is a slot for a 10 inch tablet and up to a 15 inch laptop. I stored my Dell XPS 13 in the laptop slot and there was enough room for a mouse and probably the power cable too. This is really a great backpack for traveling and taking on the plane. I am using it as an everyday backpack for work. This would be the perfect backpack for the college student and it should last them for their whole college career.

    I highly recommend this backpack.

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The best Anti-Theft Backpack! Every day 400.000 pick pocket incidents occur worldwide. Never worry about this happening to you with the Anti-Theft bag. Key features as cut-proof material, hidden zipper closures and secret pockets will keep your belongings safe during your commutes.
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